Supporting Young Families Committed to New Sobriety

ChooseWell Communities supports families in recovery and anchors them in safe, affordable housing during their children’s first three years.

You Can Help.

Parenting is tricky. Navigating new sobriety is equally so. Imagine doing both at the same time. Your financial support enables young families to restart their lives in a new setting, changing old habits, relationships, and triggers, so they can raise their children in a healthy home free from substance misuse.

Recipe To Thrive



Subsidized housing vouchers are awarded to families committed to a healthy home free from substance misuse through their infants’ third birthday


Coaching sessions and/or direct interactions with Community Connectors to advance and support parenting challenges of participating families and to provide strategies and encouragement.


Community Connectors provide support to families in navigating the fragmented system of health and social services.

Pathways to Purpose

Pathways for educational or vocational success are established and nurtured, these vary based the strengths and interests of each parent.

Hear From Our Mothers


Founding Mother

I'm most thankful for the ability to be a mother, aunt, and sister. ChooseWell has played a huge part in that - they helped me with housing, went to court with me, and, most importantly, reunited me with my two sons.


Founding Mother

ChooseWell has given me a support system that has truly become family. I'm not sure I would still be sober and in my final year of college without them. They've helped me step out of my comfort zone but made me feel supported the entire time, whether it be help with my two daughters or giving me the skills to help others. I'm grateful to be someone to look up to today. I couldn't have said that a few years ago.

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