How We ChooseWell

Our mission is to create a community that equips families in recovery to choose well for their futures.

We anchor families in stable housing within a supportive community to support their recovery and nurture healthy children.

Parenting is tricky.  Navigating new sobriety is equally so.  Imagine doing both at the same time.

The first three years of children’s lives are more critical to healthy brain development than the rest of their lifetimes.  Meanwhile, the first three years of sobriety are predictive of long-term recovery.

At ChooseWell, we are improving the odds of maintaining parental sobriety and stability during this fragile and precious time of their children’s development.


Parental substance misuse is cited as a characteristic in 67% of all substantiated CPS cases.


Kentucky ranks #1 in numbers of children who are victim of maltreatment.


Relapse rates within 1 year of a recovery program are an astronomical 90%.

What is Project Thrive?

Project Thrive is a program for young families rebuilding their lives after successfully completing an addiction treatment program.  Families are anchored in safe, affordable housing and surrounded by a nurturing, supportive community that addresses the challenges to new sobriety:  purpose and vocation, childcare, transportation, and behavioral health services.


The Thrive Covenant

Participating families commit to building a healthy home environment free from active parental substance misuse through their children’s third birthday by entering into the Thrive Covenant which emphasizes:

  • Active Program of Recovery
  • Safe and Healthy Living Environment for Children
  • Leading a Family that Chooses Well
  • Nurturing Pathways for Educational/Vocational Success
  • Giving back (volunteering) (Contributing to the efforts of our compassionate city)